Akindo Nut salesman

According to my Majora’s Mask guide, this guy is called an Akindo Nut salesman. However, there is nothing to be found on Wiki’s about this guy with this name. Zelda Wiki calls it a Business Scrub:

Business Scrubs (アキンドナッツ, Merchant Nuts) first appeared in Ocarina of Time, and are commonly found in underground grottoes. Unlike normal Deku Scrubs, if you perform the same shield-deflect-nut strategy instead of fleeing, they will reluctantly do business with you. They sell a variety of items you would usually find at stores, but usually at higher prices. Some Business Scrubs may enable you to carry more of a specific item for a small fee.
In Majora’s Mask, friendlier versions of these scrubs return and together they form a Trading Quest which Link must complete to acquire Pieces of Heart.

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By Frozen_fish


  1. Anonymous

    that wikipedia article you quoted also calls it Akindo (that’s what the Japanese characters read as)

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