Advance Wars Yellow Comet Infantry

ycinftry+spotterHere’s another one of Ninjatoes’ latest papercraft models.

Infantry are a kind of land unit. They have appeared in every Advance Wars game so far, though with some slight changes in each. They are the cheapest unit to purchase, and thus one of the weakest, though they do have their uses. Infantry have a farther movement range than mechs, which makes them superior to capping. They also boast similar defense; however, mechs deal much more damage than infantry. Sensei may deploy masses of infantry with his CO power.


The Yellow Comet Infantry is based on WWII-era Japanese infantry. Their guns resemble the Arisaka/Type 5 Experimental semi-automatic rifle.

Advance Wars Wiki

The model is 4,5 centimetres tall and instructions are provided. Have fun building!

Yellow Comet Infantry by Ninjatoes