1. Ashraf_2003

    Hi there, you have a nice blog, I like advance wars and how this game deep is.
    great Paper craft for Green Earth tank, you didn’t make any Orange Star yet.

  2. ninjatoes

    I’m glad you like the Green Earth Tank!

    You can download all the units I already made from my papercraft webpage http://www.kickme.to/ninjatoes (in the Advance Wars section of course) including several Orange Star units, but not the Tank yet.

    I’m planning on making all the units from the Advance Wars games, though, so it’s definately on my to do-list for the future!

    Have fun building!

  3. Anonymous

    Hmm, it looks a little tall. If you squeeze it down a bit to make it look fatter, it will give hat AW cuteness. And he hat and gun should be bigger than the body.

  4. ninjatoes

    Although I always start out with a “1:1″ scale image of the unit’s sprite to get the right measurements and proportions, when you try to do the same with the width, you’ll find that it doesn’t quite add up because it’s all “squished” together (it’s not a proper dimensional view).

    In a sprite for instance you can squish the height 2 times and the width 3 times, but if you don’t correct that based on the proportions of the width of the cannon (which should be the same as the height of course) in the 3D paper model, you’ll end up with oval cannons and other things that just don’t fit… ;o)

    The little soldiers were very difficult to make, because I didn’t want to use too many difficult small parts, so they’re all pretty basic and pretty much the same, even though they aren’t always in in the sprites.

    I think this soldier’s hat could have been a bit bigger, but I tried to keep him the same style as in the MD Tank, which is also a bit small. ;o)

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