Advance Wars crafts

I’ve kinda forgotten to post these, so I’ll do them all at once! I still have to find some way to add all the advance wars crafts to the archive, maybe even give it’s own category. I still haven’t played the games, so I can’t tell much about these vehicles… Ah well, here are 3 “new” Advance Wars crafts:

Stealth bomber, available in various colors

Black Hole
Yellow Comet
Green Earth
Blue Moon
Orange Star

Green Earth Cruiser

Doesn’t float in the water unless you seal it in bubblewrap!

Download here



Orange Star Rockets

Bombs away!

Download here

Did you know that Ninjatoes makes the Advance Wars crafts by hand? How awesome is that?
All by Ninjatoes.


  1. Anonymous

    These are great these are the first papercrafts and then I found this site I read about them in a magazine!

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