1. Orangoetan

    Congrats on your model, I really like it :)
    But could someone enlighten us on what happened to Drummyralf? He hasn’t posted any models in a few months… The site’s a lot less lively without him!

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe he’s just taking a break he’s still on the forum sometimes. Or maybe he’s just not that into papercrafting anymore. But if you really want to know why don’t you ask him? His e-mail is on the contact page.

  3. Anonymous

    I hate to say it, but it looks like Nintendo Papercrafts is slowly dying :((

    Almost no new papercrafts make it to the blog, and in the forums it’s almost always only the same group of people that still sometimes post and most of the posts are in the random saction anyway but most staff don’t look very involved with maintaining and supplying the blog and forum anymore…

    I know you can’t force anyone to post interesting stuff but if someone isn’t interested in being a blogposter or moderator anymore, maybe it’s time for some new staff? I’m not wanting to bash the staff for doing a bad job or wanting to become a staff myself (too much work lol) but maybe it would help Nintendo Papercrafts become more active again?

  4. Anonymous

    What’s happening here? It’s been more than a month and there have been no new posts…and even the posts before this long strech have been sparse.

    I understand that the blogposters all have lives, and don’t always have time for updates, but I always kinda thought that was the purpose behind having a couple different blogposters… (so that when some were busy, other ones could help out) In addition to this, there seems to be a plethora of new crafts in the “submit crafts for blogposting” of the forum that have been backed up for months.

    I really like this site, but I cannot help but miss the regularity of new crafts many of us were accustomed to before this…drought. So it is for these reasons that I cannot help but ask what’s up? Please, I inquire in curiosity rather than to pester.

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