Adult Wallet & Rupees

It’s all about rupees! Well, not really, but it’s always nice to have some spare rupees on you. You can only have 99 in your pocket though. What to do, what to do?

Well here is your lifesaver! An Adult Wallet! Now at the low price of a red rupee! Where you can get rupees? From your printer of course!
Rupees by Twizz3985. Photo by Paperart


  1. kanihazcheeseburger

    The yellow rupee link leads to an orange rupee, therefore there is no link to the yellow rupee.

  2. sunmarsh

    I couldn’t figure out the string. I think the two string pieces fit together somehow but ended up making a mess of things before figuring it out. I decided to use the long string strip by itself, cutting it to make a little loop and then using the remaining piece as the thread hanging off of the side. Also, a tip: two pieces of the model meet at a point (this is covered up by the string where it is ‘tied’ around the bag). Instead of gluing two tips together at a point, cut the top tip a bit so that it can fit over the bottom one and glue it there. The string will hid this and fit much more snugly.

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