Adult Link OoT

Finally, it’s there! Icthus’ Adult Link model! Well, what can I say? It looks pretty cool, doesn’t seem to be too hard to build. What else do we want?

Okay, we still need a Ganondorf. And Midna. And Zant. And… Ok we still want loads more, but let’s just be happy with what we have, eh?
Adult Link
By Icthus7, PDF Decripting by Skelekitty.


  1. Anonymous

    I think Icthus did take Ninjatoe’s Link as an example, but some of the parts he has them together when on Ninjatoe’s Link they’re apart and that is much easier especially the hair which was also a bit difficult on Ninjatoe’s Link, but not this difficult.

  2. Vicente

    Hey does anyone have any idea where to find the instructions? I’ve made the face and most of the hat, but well, I dont know what to do about the hair…

  3. Anonymous

    Really, i’m glad, as of now, that we have midna, and ganon, and all the Zelda papercrafts we wanted. And we’re still making more. It’s awesome, just sweet.

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