Nintendo Papercraft

A blog full of Nintendo themed papercrafts from many games. Think of games like Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Super Smash Bros., Kirby. Nintendo Papercraft is the world’s leading source of Nintendo related papercraft models.



This site started as a simple blog for the visitors of to get their Nintendo Papercrafts. The blog was updated about every month by Biebboek. After some time, I helped Biebboek create a huge pack of all kinds of papercrafts for the members of He told me that he didn’t really update the blog anymore, and therefore I asked him if I could get the rights to post. He agreed.


It would take a few months before I started to post though! I was tired of papercrafts because of days of collecting these buggers. After a few months, I decided to post one nonetheless. I think it was the Great Might Poo. Anyway, I enjoyed it, and started to update everyday. I installed a new counter that registered unique visitors instead of page loads. I noticed that the visitors were growing and growing. I kept posting one papercraft every day, so that the visitors would keep coming back. I started with 17 visitors, and now we have about 3000 each day!


I’d really like to thank Biebboek for creating this blog. I would also like to thank Red Yoshi; Because of his awesome Brawl papercrafts, the site’s popularity increased. And I’d like to thank all the other Papercraft Designers that showed their skills on the forum. And of course the designers that designed all the other papercrafts on the blog. Thank you! Also a thanks to GP for helping me getting active again and for updating the blog while I was away!
Drummyralf, co-founder of Nintendo Papercraft