8-bit Warp Pipe Diorama

magical_pipeAnother classic from Tubbypaws, this time it’s the Warp pipe diorama! Like the well-known ceiling cat, this model is made originally to be taped to your ceiling… It provides some nice additional 3D perspective.

Here are the comments from the designer :

its happy papercraft blocky 3d tribute time again. this time to magical plumbers and the happy worlds they travel too. i read that all plumbers are magical and now you can be too with your own entrance to a magical land through this happy papercraft.
click on the papercraft patten to the left to make it magically grow bigger and print it out (see, its magical already). you will need thin string/magical thread or special powers to make the block float below the pipe. once you have stuck it all together you can stick it to your very own ceiling and hop through to your own magical land to explore and save (wait for the glue to dry first)

Enjoy your suspended diorama!

Diorama by Tubbypaws