Now for something completely different. ???! Eh what? ???! Yes, this guy is ??? from Majora’s mask! This guy (or a girl maybe?) could be found in the Stock Pot Inn in the game Majora’s mask. You had to catch him at night though, because at daytime he wasn’t there. If you gave him a piece of paper, he would reward you with a Piece of Heart.
Later, ??? also appears in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, where he rewards you with the Stink Bag.

Have fun!


By Kaboom, Picture by Arwen

To all of you who don’t like Zelda Papercraft: I really apologize. I have quite some Zelda papercrafts ready to be posted, but papercrafts from like Mario are a bit scarse. You will see some kirby ones and some Banjo ones ofcourse :) Please be patient, I’m sure there will be new Mario crafts in notime.


  1. Anonymous

    please don’t stop or interrupt posting Zelda Papercrafts! ^^

    I love Zelda and my room is full of Papercraft. And like every “junky” i want more ^^

  2. Anonymous

    Anyone who doesn’t like Zelda papercraft is a dirty communist. We want MORE Zelda! Especially Majora’s Mask ūüėČ

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