25m Donkey Kong Diorama

Continuing on with some more entries, today is a diorama of 25m, the first level in the Donkey Kong arcade game, which was the first game that Mario or “Jumpman” appeared in!

This model includes all the girders and ladders seen in the level, which you can stick in the correct positions on a sheet of black card (or any other surface if you wish). The design should also allow you to actually roll the barrels down from the top and as with many dioramas you can customise the layout and scene.

Designers notes:
“Please note that the barrels were shrunk to make the model functional. The holes in the girders are for them to fall through. When you want to close one, you take one of the cube pieces with the tabs on top, and tape it down. Also note that you will need a black sheet of cardstock or construction paper cut to scale. Also, you may attach Donkey Kong’s arm with a pin or brad to twist to make him drop the barrel. Thanks!”

Download Files Here

Template and Picture by linkdude101


  1. Anonymous

    You don’t need to print it out from here you can paste onto microsoft word and scale it down/up. I made it big enough for my wall it’s awesome

  2. Linkdude101

    Glad you guys like this. I designed it a few years ago when I was only 12 haha! So glad to see someone enjoyed the fruit of my labors!

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